Proud Songsters: English Solo Song

Proud Songsters: English Solo Song

Performing with: Michael Chance, Tim Mead, Lawrence Zazzo, Ruairi Bowen, James Gilchrist, Andrew Staples, Ashley Riches and Mark Stone; Simon Lepper piano

King’s College Cambridge / 2021


Proud Songsters is a journey through the distinctive musical genre of English Song. This collection of 20 songs – familiar and lesser known – are performed by some of the finest former members of the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge with one of this generation’s most exceptional pianists.

Each of the nine alumni featured on this album sang as young adults at King’s, alongside pianist Simon Lepper, a graduate of King’s. The songs included on the album span settings of Shakespeare songs, those of prominent 20th Century composers Vaughan Williams, Britten, Finzi, Clarke and Howells through to contemporary works by Jonathan Dove, Iain Bell and Celia Harper. The album includes a specially-commissioned essay on the works by Stephen Banfield, and the CD includes a special bonus track sung by Gerald Finley and Christopher Keyte.


1. William Denis Browne: To Gratiana Dancing and Singing, Ashley Riches
2. arr. Benjamin Britten: The Salley Gardens, Tim Mead
3. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Linden Lea, Ashley Riches
4. Gerald Finzi: The Sigh, Andrew Staples
5. Celia Harper: My love gave me an apple, Michael Chance
6. Roger Quilter: Fear no more the heat o’ the sun, James Gilchrist
7. Frank Bridge: Come to me in my dreams, Mark Stone
8. Eric Thiman: I wandered lonely as a cloud, Ruairi Bowen

Jonathan Dove: All You Who Sleep Tonight
9. VII. God’s love, Lawrence Zazzo
10. XII. Soon, Lawrence Zazzo
11. XIII. All you who sleep tonight, Lawrence Zazzo

12. Rebecca Clarke: The Seal Man, James Gilchrist
13. Ivor Gurney: I will go with my father a-ploughing, Ashley Riches
14. Gerald Finzi: Proud Songsters, Gerald Finley
15. Herbert Howells: King David, Tim Mead
16. Benjamin Britten: Since she whom I loved, Andrew Staples
17. Peter Warlock: Sleep, Mark Stone
18. Iain Bell: Feste (Come away, death), Lawrence Zazzo
19. Roger Quilter: Go, lovely rose, Mark Stone
20. Ralph Vaughan Williams: Silent Noon, Gerald Finley

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