Foulds: A World Requiem

Leon Botstein, conductor

‘It went deeper down and reached higher up, it was bigger, broader, nobler and reached out more into the eternal than music as it is commonly understood and interpreted, or as any music than that heard by the great masters, has ever done. It is indeed a world heritage.’ Thus wrote the Labour MP Frederick Pethick-Lawrence after attending the premiere of A World Requiem on Armistice Night 1923, and his statement was typical of the audience reaction on that night.

Live concert recording

Performed with: Jeanne-Michèle Charbonnet, soprano; Catherine Wyn-Rogers, mezzo-soprano; Stuart Skelton, tenor; Trinity Boys Choir; Crouch End Festival Chorus; Philharmonia Chorus; BBC Symphony Chorus & BBC Symphony Orchestra

Released December 2007


Foulds: A World Requiem, Op. 60

  • Part I: I. Requiem
  • Part I: II. Pronuntiatio
  • Part I: III. Confessio
  • Part I: IV. Jubilato
  • Part I: V. Audite
  • Part I: VI. Pax
  • Part I: VII. Consolatio
  • Part I: VIII. Refutatio
  • Part I: IX. Lux veritatis
  • Part I: X. Requiem
  • Part II: XI. Laudamus
  • Part II: XII. Elysium
  • Part II: XIII. In Pace
  • Part II: XIII. Hymn of the Redeemed
  • Part II: XIV. Angeli
  • Part II: XV. Vox Dei
  • Part II: XVI. Adventus
  • Part II: XVII. Vigilate
  • Part II: XVIII. Promissio et Invocatio
  • Part II: XIX. Benedictio
  • Part II: XX. Consummatus
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