Schubert: Winterreise

The Gramophone-award winning partnership of Gerald Finley and Julius Drake turns to perhaps the most celebrated song-cycle of them all. Schubert’s Winterreise is a masterpiece of despair, astonishing in its bleakness and enthrallingly mesmerizing as the journey continues. Finley brings all his considerable dramatic powers to his performance—and all but submerges them under the ice.

Richard Wigmore writes that ‘before Winterreise Schubert had composed individual songs of pathos and despair, even of apocalyptic terror. What was new about the cycle was the spareness and angularity of much of the writing, the work’s sustained godless pessimism and its obsessive exploration of a mind veering between delusion, ironic self-awareness and nihilistic despair. The water music, limpid, turbulent or benedictory, of Schubert’s earlier Müller cycle, Die schöne Müllerin, yields in Winterreise to musical emblems of trudging and stumbling, bareness and exhaustion, derangement and frozen, trancelike stillness’.

With Julius Drake, piano

March 2014


Schubert: Winterreise D911

I. Gute Nacht

II. Die Wetterfahne

III. Gefrorne Tränen

IV. Erstarrung

V. Der Lindenbaum

VI. Wasserflut

VII. Auf dem Flusse

VIII. Rückblick

IX. Irrlicht

X. Rast

XI. Frühlingstraum

XII. Einsamkeit

XIII. Die Post

XIV. Der greise Kopf

XV. Die Krähe

XVI. Letzte Hoffnung

XVII. Im Dorfe

XVIII. Der stürmische Morgen

XIX. Täuschung

XX. Der Wegweiser

XXI. Das Wirtshaus

XXII. Mut!

XXIII. Die Nebensonnen

XXIV. Der Leiermann