Songs by Samuel Barber

The wonderful Gerald Finley, described recently as ‘the best living baritone currently at the peak of his powers’ (The Globe and Mail), brings his ‘glorious sound and great dramatic instinct’ to this fascinating selection of songs, sensitively accompanied by Julius Drake.

Performed with: Julius Drake, piano

October 2007


Barber: There’s Nae Lark

Barber: The Beggar’s Song

Barber: In the Dark Pinewood

Barber: Three Songs, Op. 2

  • III. Bessie Bobtail

Barber: Hermit Songs, Op. 29

  • I. At St Patrick’s Purgatory
  • II. Church Bell at Night
  • III. St Ita’s Vision
  • IV. The Heavenly Banquet
  • V. The Crucifixion
  • VI. Sea Snatch
  • VII. Promiscuity
  • VIII. The Monk and his Cat
  • IX. The Praises of God
  • X. The Desire for Hermitage

Barber: Three Songs, Op. 10

  • I. Rain has fallen
  • II. Sleep now
  • III. I hear an army

Barber: Mélodies passagères (5), Op. 27

  • I. Puisque tout passe
  • II. Un cygne
  • III. Tombeau dans un parc
  • IV. Le clocher chante
  • V. Départ

Barber: Three Songs, Op. 2

  • I. The Daisies
  • II. With rue my heart is laden

 Excerpt,Barber: Four Songs, Op. 13

  • IV. Nocturne
  • III. Sure on this shining night

Barber: Dover Beach, Op. 3