Stanford: Songs of the Sea

Richard Hickox, Conductor

Performed with: BBC National Chorus of Wales & BBC National Orchestra of Wales

May 2006


Stanford: Songs of the Fleet

  • I. Sailing at Dawn: Andante molto tranquillo
  • II. The Song of the Sou’Wester: Allegro non troppo, ma con fuoco
  • III. The Middle-Watch: Andante molto tranquillo
  • IV. The Little Admiral: Allegro vivace – Poco meno mosso – A tempo – Slentando – Meno mosso – Accelerando – A tempo
  • V. Fare Well: Quasi adagio – Poco piu mosso – Temppo I – Molto adagio


Stanford: The Revenge – A Ballad of the Fleet, Op. 24

  • I. At Flores in the Azores: Allegro giusto e pesante – II. Then spake Sir Richard Grenville – III. So Lord Howard pass’d away: Un poco piu lento
  • IV. He had only a hundred seamen: Andante sostenuto – Shall we fight or shall we fly?…: Poco piu mosso – And Sir Richard said again: Tempo I (Allegro giusto)
  • V. Sir Richard spoke and he laugh’d: Allegretto con moto – VI. Thousands of their soldiers look’d down – VII. And while now the great San Philip: Adagio molto – And the battle-thunder broke: Allegro con fuoco – VIII. But anon the great Sn Philip – IX. An
  • XI. And the night went down: Allegro tranquillo ma con moto – And we had not fought them in vain: Piu mosso – But Sir Richard cried in his English pride: Allegro giusto – XII. And the gunner said, “Ay, ay”: Andante sostenuto – And the lion there lay dying:
  • XIII. And the stately Spanish men: Allegretto maestoso – But he rose upon their decks: Allegro giusto – I have fought for Queen and Faith…: Molto maestoso – …With a joyful spirit I Sir Richard Grenville die!: Piu lento – XIV And they stared at the dead
  • But they sank his body with honour down: Allegretto maestoso – When a wind from the lands: Allegro moderato – Till it smote on their hulls: Piu allegro e con fuoco – And the little Revenge herself went down: Molto moderato e tranquillo


Stanford: Songs of the Sea, Op. 91

  • I. Drake’s Drum: Tempo di marcia moderato
  • II. Outward bound: Andante espressivo
  • III. Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain: Allegro molto
  • IV. Homeward bound: Andante tranquillo – Piu lento
  • V. The Old Superb: Allegro molto – Presto
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